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    Protea Diamonds Collection provides its customers with unique luxurious jewellery designs, using it's own diamonds directly from the source


    Ensuring our customers with the utmost quality of each of our item's at very competitive prices



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  • Protea Collection Jewelry

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  • Protea Diamonds

    Has established itself as one of the largest private international diamond companies, with several offices around the world.



    We launched Protea Diamonds Collection to manage the wholesale of the Polished and Jewellery division in Israel, which supplies the majority of leading Jewellery stores throughout the world.


    Protea Ms LTD & Lia Diamonds are our sister company's which also exports its diamonds all over the world & is operated out of our head office in Israel.




    We are very well know for our exclusive service's


  • We are a a family run business.
    Started in the early 60's

    Today with offices located in nearly four continents,
    Protea Diamonds Collection is the newest to have arrived.

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    All of our stones

    are sent to the

    GIA laboratory

    and come with a GIA certificate ensuring you with best quality and peace of mind.



    We have a vast range of chic jewellery designs ranging from edgy

    to traditional
    and modern pieces

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    We not only provide customers with already beautifully designed piece's,

    but also give them the option of customising any piece of jewellery they wish to have


    Providing customers with the perfect piece that they alway's wanted






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    With the comfort of knowing that our diamonds  are conflict-free.










  • We are located

    in Israel's largest Diamond Bourse


    Protea Diamonds Collection Ltd

    Maccabi Building

    9th Floor - Suite 40-41

    Diamond Exchange

    Ramat Gan Israel


  • Our Team


    All of Our Staff Have Graduated in Geological courses

    and have a great amount of years experience in the Business


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    Gabriel Duek (Director)

    Gabriel is a senior member of the Israeli Bourse

    Been with Protea for over 14 years

    Studied at the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Training School

    +972 -3-575-9572




  • Contact


    If you wish to get in contact with us, please fill in your name, email address, and message below. Can't wait to hear from you!

  • for any inquiries local or international please contact us



    Office Number : +972 -3-575-9572


    Fax : +972 -3-575-9572


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